What's Included?

We provide the Rods, Reels, Tackle, Bait, Fish Cleaning, Boat, Safety Gear and Fun. You need to make sure you have a layer of warm cloths, wind breaker but the ability to switch down to a T-Shirt and Shorts when the heat is on!. Flip Flops are NOT good Boat wear and the number one problem I have with people getting cold feet, The water is only 7 to 9 degrees C so if the wind comes up and the sun goes behind the clouds even in July or August it will be cold so wear socks, boots or hiking shoes pants (can have shorts under in case it gets warm) t-shirt, Sweater and coat. Nothing ruins a great day faster than someone upset becuase they are cold, and there is no reason for it.

A fishing license for "BC Tidal Waters" Click Here on "Get My Fishing License On-Line" To get your license.

Be sure to Print it out before you get to the Dock. Everyone must have a valid license to fish in BC salt water and you need your Salmon Tag to fish for and harvest any salmon. A PDF copy on your cell phone is NO GOOD! you must have a printed copy with you. we do NOT fish in area 121 so ignore the warning about that we fish in area 19 and 20 only

Water temps are low so wind can be cool so please dress and have water proof foot-ware that is suitable for what would be a cool spring or fall day (NOT FLIP FLOPS)but layer up so if the wind drops and the sun comes out you can get cooled off and have plenty of Sun Screen and Sun Glasses to best enjoy the day.
Bring along your digital Camera (I will have one on the boat and share all pictures with you after the trip as well).  Go-Pro's are popular these days as well and your welcome to use these and we have a extended boat hook that can work as the underwater pole fitting for the "GoPro" type cameras. Sea Sickness-not a funny thing!
During the summer the weather is mostly calm and beautiful but come winter, spring and fall, what starts out as a nice day, can get choppy and rough, especially when the tide is apposing the wind. We will try and keep you in protected waters as much as possible but it may get rough from time to time. If you are one who easily gets sea sick it is beneficial to take the new ginger based gravol type drugs, they are non drowsy and work well. The best way to administer these pills is to take the recommended dose the night before as well as the morning of the trip to be sure to have a great day.
 Waiting until you feel sick is often way too late!.